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Who Would We Be










We live in the age of madness, Passion for the overdramatic

Rich man’s hunger for power addiction, Leads to the oppression of masses

I mean, who would imagine Empires crumbled into ashes

People’s minds hold them captive, Technology got us distracted


If the teachers won’t teach

If the preachers won’t preach

We lose our freedom of speech

Then who would be, Who would we be

If the songs aren’t sung

If the pictures aren’t drawn

If our hearts turn to stone

Then who would we be, Who would we be


Where genocide is revolution, Greedy hands sign constitutions

A poor man’s thirst for resolution Leads the world to chaotic confusion

Columbus put the world outta shape. Across the ocean men became slaves

Colonies to make the world great But raised an empire grown up in hate


If them never know 

Then them never do

If we believe the lies

Then they bury the truth

If them wan know   

And if them wan do

it’s time to realise, it’s time to open eyes

If them never know, Then them never do

Stories of old Get buried in a tomb

But if them wan know And them wan do

Let’s seek the secrets and educate the fools




Pozwól twojemu “JA” kierować twoim życiem, zanim twoje ego nie pokieruje nim w pełni…QS


Let your “I” guide your life, before your ego takes it all…QS


lyric: Dammy Bolarin

music: ShataQS & Łukasz Damrych

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych

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