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My tworzymy naszą rzeczywistość, więc uważaj o czym marzysz, bo może się spełnić… QS


We create our own reality, so watch what you wish for 'coz it might happen… QS




Think Positive








Every little thought of your mind connects us all

Be aware of what you wish for it can destroy us all


Every little thought of our mind and every single word we say

Is like a mirror reflection of each other

Our positive vibration makes people happy

Our negative vibration makes people unhappy it is as simple as that.

So Take all responsibility for your thoughts.

Watch what you wish for, watch what you think. It is a power of mind

Thinking positive is a beautiful thing

have you ever tried that?

The world becomes a totally different place.


Think positive, stay in the present time

Don’t fear anything, try to free your mind

Send a message to the world that we are beautiful

Awake every little soul, bring back waterfalls.


We don’t create reality for ourselves only. We create reality for all of us by the

connection of thoughts. And that’s a beautiful thing It is a powerful thing

We are beautiful, We are powerful


just think positive and create amazing, beautiful things

if you desire it, reach for it.






lyric: ShataQS

music: ShataQS & Łukasz Damrych

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych

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