Miłość jest jednym z najważniejszych elementów naszej egzystencji. Koncepcja miłości w obecnych czasach polega na złudnym oczekiwaniu na uszczęśliwienie przez innych. Miłość nie ma z tym nic wspólnego. Miłość nie polega na oczekiwaniu, lecz na dawaniu. Na umiejętności pozwolenia innym być szczęśliwymi. To umiejeśtność czynienia innych wolnymi. Polega na dawaniu ze zrozumieniem, na zaufaniu z pełnym szacunkiem. I nie polega na gadaniu lecz pokazywaniu w czynach … QS



Love is one of the most important elements of our existence. The concept of love in those days is about expecting others to make us happy. Love has nothing to do with that. Love is not about expecting, but about giving. It is to allow someone to be happy. It is to be able to set someone free. To give with understanding. To trust with full respect. And it is not about talking, but showing in deeds … QS



Show your love in deeds
















You could have  every piece of me and even more, you could have  it all .

You could be a king of kings to run my whole world, you could run it all.

‘Coz In my kingdom filled with love there is one law, that allows you to have it all.

But if you take a selfish route and put your ego in front, You simply loose it all.



You can tell me all the stories of what you would do, If you were mine.

you can tell me all about you who you were and are, I know you’ve got a heart.

Guess, I don't need your promises that bring appologies, I just need a peace of mind.

So take away your poetry and all your treats and sweets

Just show your love in deeds.



Come to me

Follow me

Talk to me

Show me your love in deeds…


lyric: ShataQS

music: ShataQS & Łukasz Damrych

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych