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Nie potrzebujemy już więcej ludzi sukcesu, wielkich korporacji i masowych produkcji. Jedyne czego potrzebujemy, to tworzenia miłości, sztuki, uśmiechów i radości, wspierania siebie na wzajem i wspólnego budowania rzeczywistości, która wreszcie służyć będzie nam…QS

We do not need more people of success, large corporations and mass production. All we need is love makers, art makers, smiles and joy makers, to support one another and build together the reality that will finally serve us…QS














Looking into my eyes You can hear me scream
But you laugh into my face ‘Coz you don't understand
I am on my knees begging to be freed
Reaching out my hand For the guidance and embrace
With my bleeding heart I Wait for the day
When I brake away from the madness and despair
One soul saved – a thousand reclaimed

One broken man - nation is enslaved

Oh you let me down

You just let us down
mr. mankind
what's your next surprise?

Is it not enough?

Don't you have enough?
Why you sacrifice so much in the name of things that turn to dust.

Stop this payed slavery,
Ignorance , insanity,
Racial inequality
Corruption, bureaucracy
Don't need another dumb generation

We just need new education

We can rebuild the nation

We just need salvation

We will breath again
We will live again
Oh Mr. Fairy tale
We’ll see the days of days




music&lyric: ShataQS

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych

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