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Tylko ci, którzy naprawdę potrafią dbać, pielęgnować oraz delektować się małymi rzeczami, są w stanie dokonywać wielkich zmian. Ponieważ wszystko zaczyna się od tych małych rzeczy… QS


Only those, who can really take care, nourish and enjoy the small things, can truly make a difference. Because everything starts with those little things…QS


                                                                                                               ft. Dammy Bolarin


Message to us











No act of kindness is ever, ever wasted

a pinch of sweetness is always easily tested

you can break all chains, get outside all frames with just a little dedication

You know we can’t create the leaders of the nation

If we do not take care of our generation

You know the world is round, so what is left behind always comes back around


Don’t miss an opportunity

To improve your own humanity

To expand your mind’s abilities

To learn how to be a human being…2x


People wither from abusive exploration,

neurotic toxic society inflammation.

Lying to yourself will never give you self to live up to your full potential

You have the power to build your own reality.

To break the system of an absolute tyranny.

You are what you choose. Your body can be a tool of an infinite creation


(Dammy B.): Mama gave birth to a child,
 Life's up's and downs taught me to be a man, 
So even in the darkest hours,
 My light shines bright for these blooming flowers, 
The incubus of our minds,
Got us feeling claustrophobic,
 This world is a matrix, full of agents, trying to kill out all our heroics, 
But I see life through the foresight of a blind man with a heart full of love, 
In the quest to find ourselves, 
Our mistakes will make us strong,
 The power of your will, will guide you through the storm, 
CU's human is who we are, 
And one life is all we got

lyric: ShataQS & Dammy Bolarin

music: ShataQS & Łukasz Damrych

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych

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