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music&lyric: ShataQS

Arangement: Łukasz Damrych



Die free








Waking up from a coma to reality

Lost and sick, emptiness buried in disease

waving guns, spreading lies, spitting in a face

Selling a girl as a bag of rice in a human trade

Starving lives, broken hearts full of lost faith

hungry lions fighting until the end

The world's genocide over useless things

How long is it gonna take before we truly stand for something.


The world is blind to a human tragedy

But where we trade minerals everyone can see

So unaware of what's going o o on

It's all mind control, it's all mind control

Dressed in gold poison spreads in the world of man

it's hard to deny We are paid slaves,

Creativity replaced by "buy and sell"

No thinking for yourself, no thinking for yourself


Free your mind and take a breath

Detoxify from hatred

Whatever you give you're gonna get

So what say you now?

What say you now?


“I'm gonna be who I wanna be

Even if it's gonna mean my life

I'm gonna die free.”


My feet are burning but I am walking ahead

And I am calling every woman and man

The time is coming to regain our strength

Thinking for yourself



Być żywym, ale nie być sobą i nie być wolnym, to jakby być martwym…QS


To be alive, but not being yourself and not being free, is like being dead … QS

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